Top Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing is tough if you have just started your journey in game fishing, but do not count it as an impossible task as you can master those skills by following the bass fishing tips given by experienced pro anglers. Most pro anglers once started their journey as beginners, so why not you? Bass fishing can be challenging for you at the beginning, but as time passes, you will begin to gather experience and be able to correct the mistakes you have just made on your previous day of bass fishing.

This article will go through some crucial but secret bass fishing tips that no one will tell you, not even as a whisper in your ears. You can follow the directions during your next trip, and I am sure you will get the most out of it. Fishing is a sport, and you should act like a contestant in the field. You must be focused on your goal, astute on your target, and pick the rose out of the bush when the time is right; until that time, you must be patient.

Bass Fishing Tips for Determining Their Location  

Well, there are a lot of important facts when it comes to the selection of the perfect bass fishing spots. Basses are the kind of fish that naturally love to hide with covers. As a result, different types of basses hide behind rocks, sunken timbers, underwater grasses, and even beneath lily pads. It is not that basses hang around covered places because they are somewhat frightened; they do it to ambush their target perfectly.

Infographics: Secrets of Bass Fishing


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The largemouth bass is a genetically ferocious predator that attacks anything in front of their eyesight that moves a little bit. Anglers take advantage of this most of the time by provoking predators with artificial bait. If you do not do your homework before fishing, you may have difficulty choosing a spot. If your selected sites consist of clear water and the depth of the water is not deep enough, that will be an added advantage for you to choose the bass fishing spot. On the contrary, if you are planning to go bass fishing on river banks with murky water, then it might be a difficult choice for you to predict the location of the fish and cast the bait accordingly. We highly recommend you that before going to the area, study the GPS map of the fishing spots carefully. Also, use google satellite map to find a bird’s eye view of the place, which will allow you to locate covered water bodies in the lake or river. This is optional, but if you have access to the technology, why not utilize it properly?

Let’s Gear up

Equipped yourself with a top-performing fishing rod and reel combo

When you are planning for your next bass fishing trip, preparing yourself with top-performing fishing gear can make an exception when you hook up the best catch you have ever encountered. Bass fishing is always a top choice for professional anglers, and as you are also finalizing your first footstep toward the most challenging fishing, you must act like the pros. Therefore, gearing up your backpack with the best fishing rod and reel combo is the first thing you should do. Choosing a powerful fishing combo might be a bit confusing for you, and therefore, if you have any questions, confusion, or queries about the best fishing rod and reel, visit this blog’s article, Top 10 Best Fishing Rod and Reel Combo. According to their features and flexibility, most professionals prefer a robust baitcasting reel and a heavy-action carbon fiber fishing rod for the best bass fishing. The baitcasting reel allows you to throw your bait at specific targets in faraway places in the water. According to the research, basses enjoy hiding behind bushes, sunken tree branches, or even beneath a lily pad. Therefore, throwing the baits in the right location from the bank of the waterbody is a challenging task for every angler. Professional anglers polished these tactics over time, and as a novice, you can mimic their baitcasting techniques to become a skilled bass angler.  

Besides a smooth and high-end baitcasting reel, you should also consider choosing a lightweight casting rod with excellent versatility for flexible usage. You need to consider the materials used to manufacture the rod, the guiding system, a stable tip of the rod, steady hand positioning, and corrosion resistance capability so that the rod can be used in extreme weather conditions during your bass fishing trip.

Select your baits like pros

The bass is a wild fish that eats worms, salamanders, baitfish, frogs, and mice found in the surrounding water body. The types of bait you are throwing are crucial facts for hunting bass fish and primarily determine whether you can hook them up or return home empty-handed. Professional bass anglers have shared their experience and secret bass fishing tips to help you choosing the best types of baits that basses attract the most. Keeping in mind this fact, anglers select their baits, and throwing live baits is also a part of their plan. If you are comfortable, you can use live baits, but it might be a hassle to tackle live baits as a novice. You might be thinking, what alternatives are there for you to avoid the hassles of managing live baits? Yes, you have numerous options, so do not worry about that. I will guide you in selecting the best alternatives so that you can successfully hunt bass without using live bait.

Alternatives of Live Baits

So, most probably you will find live bait a little bit irritating as it takes extra effort to collect and sometime a little bit disgusting. In that case, the best alternative is to use the artificial baits that you can easily purchase from the local tackle shop. Sounds good, right? and you really going enjoy the artificial baits during your fishing trips because of its durability. Once you purchase them you can easily use the baits for a long period of time repeatedly if you do not lose them in a battle. It is good practice to keep couple of artificial baits of different varieties in your tackle box and use them accordingly.

Using a Fishing Boat can Enhance Your Success Rate in Bass Fishing

Basses are genetically aggressive and have been observed to attack any moving substances in front of their eyes. As a result, anglers use bass fish’s aggressive nature as a luring opportunity to hook them up during a fishing trip. You can cast your baits from the banks of the water body, or you can use a fishing boat to move around the lakes to cast your lures in different portions of the water. Most professionals use a fishing boat while hunting for bass, which provides more flexibility in tracking the fish you are looking for.

Anglers are fond of jig baits for bass fishing as they perform well in all environmental conditions. The specialty of jig baits is that they increase the chance of catching bass fish that cover themselves in shoreline grasses or even underwater tree branches. In bass fishing, a crankbait is also a prevalent choice among professional anglers, as it looks like a small crayfish and heavily attracts the bass when the bait is cast near it. Despite jigs and crankbaits, worm bait is another artificial bait that increases bass fishing chances. Worms are typically the favorite food for wild fishes, and when it comes to bass fishes, you can blindly lure them with an excellent-looking worm bait. The worm bait can easily be rigged in different textures to draw bass fish around you, and you might find it the most effective way to attract them during your fishing trips.

Weather is a fact

It has been observed that the bass take the bait in large numbers just before a cold front, as the water temperature rises during this period. The increased temperature intensifies the apatite of the surrounding bass, causing them to attack the artificial baits cast near them. Besides, it would be beneficial if you also paid attention to the wind flow direction, as this influences the movements of the surrounding basses from which you are casting your lures. Also, it is a wise move on your part to cast your baits in the direction of the wind as the bass follow the wind’s movement towards the banks.

Best bass FISHING WEATHER Condition

To become an expert bass angler, you must prepare with proper fishing gear and observe the weather conditions of the area where you plan to set up your next fishing camp. Here we have provided some guidance through which you can predict your chances of catching fish and set the time and place of your next trip accordingly. It is not difficult to get some helpful information about the weather nowadays, and mark my words; by following the data, you can quickly increase the chance of catching up with bass during the trip.

In which types of weather, you should go for bass fishing?

  • Before a storm or a cloudy sky is best to catch bass.
  • Bright and sunny days are advantageous for bass fishing. The baits glow and reflect because of the heavy sunlight, attracting bass fish to take your baits. In these weather conditions, swimming jigs and bluegills are the perfect baits you can throw.
  • If water pressure declines when the cold front approaches, bass will feel the change. Because it takes less energy to move when there is less water pressure, the bass moves faster and more aggressively. Therefore, if you take advantage of luring the bass in this situation, you might catch a big bass.

Weather condition you should avoid

If you notice a change in wind conditions, you should cancel your trip for that day. When a cold front or storm passes, the wind pleasure gradually increases, and the temperature could fall 15 to 25 degrees within an hour. The reduced temperature and increased wind pressure also affect the fish beneath the water body, as increasing wind pressure also upsurges the water pressure. In this phenomenon, bass reduces their movement and become less aggressive in biting a lure you have thrown. You should consider this situation while going bass fishing, or you could come home empty-handed.

Final Words

Anglers who became pioneers in bass fishing also started their journey as novices. They gradually mastered the sports over time and reviled the best bass fishing tips for anglers like us. You are not an exception in these sports, and believe me, if you focus on every little trick and tactic, it will not take much time to polish yourself to become a successful bass angler like other champions. Fishing is a game of patience; once you make yourself comfortable with it, you will never live without it. Furthermore, by following the best bass fishing tips discussed in this article, you will most likely catch your best fish within a few fishing trips. So, gear up with your best gear and step forward; things will become easier gradually.