Best Bait for Largemouth Bass [ Top 5 Proven]

I have heard a lot of anglers discussing and arguing about the best bait for largemouth bass, as there is very little information available about these topics on the internet. Experienced and professional anglers recommend some specific information about how to choose an effective artificial fishing bait to catch the bass, and in this article, I will go through some commonly used artificial fishing baits for largemouth bass readily available on the market.

Basses are carnivorous and love to eat natural insects, frogs, bait fishes, and any smaller creature in the surrounding ecosystem. So, luring the bass is a simple technique, but the tricky part is figuring out what bait the bass like to ambush. Professionals always suggest identifying the creatures’ information that the bass mostly eats in the lake or pond, and based on that information, you should cast the artificial baits in the water using your favorite baitcasting reel and rod combo.

There are hundreds of artificial baits available on the market, ranging from crankbaits to worm bait, that can attract bass, but you need to purchase a quality product manufactured by well-known brands of the fishing sports industry.

The Food Habit of Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is genetically very aggressive and eats different kinds of insects, frogs, or even baby ducks in the mature period of their lives. I read some scientific papers about what largemouth bass eat, and biologists found some crucial information that can help you figure out what fishing bait is best for catching largemouth bass.

According to an article published on the official website of ESPN, biologists found different types of food consumed by largemouth bass, but most interestingly, they found that mature largemouth bass are fond of shad fish.

Shad fish are common in North American freshwater ponds, lakes, and rivers and are sometimes referred to as the fish that fed the (American) nation’s founders. The statement makes it clear that shad fish are common in the area, which is why largemouth bass in the surrounding water heavily consume this specific type of fish for their survival.

So, what is the best bait for largemouth bass that you can throw in the water?

As mentioned earlier, shad fish are the top favorite for largemouth bass, so if you throw something using your fishing rod and reel combo that looks like a shad fish swimming in front of a largemouth bass, it will surely ambush it, allowing you to hook it with your fishing line. The best choice for catching largemouth bass is to throw an artificial fishing bait that looks like a shad, but you can also lure them by throwing other types of artificial bait available on the market. According to a biologist from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, largemouth bass can be addressed as opportunistic feeders.

That means if you throw a fishing bait with your best fishing rod and reel combo that looks like a shad fingerling or even a frog swimming in the water, surely an existing largemouth bass will attack it. I have found some of the best artificial lures for largemouth bass hunting, and I am pretty sure that if you cast the baits properly near a largemouth bass, then you can end up catching it.

Our Top Pick: BOMBER Fat Free Shad Crankbait

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Why BOMBER Fat Free Shad Crankbait is the best performer?

  • Biologists found that largemouth basses are fond of shad fish and if shad fish lives surrounding the water where largemouth bass exists then obviously the first choice for a meal of largemouth bass will be a realistic Shad crankbait.
  • Bomber Fat Free Shad Crankbait looks exactly like a living shad fish and creates an exact appearance in the water to provoke a largemouth bass.
  • The kick-out paddle of the crankbait creates artificial vide in shallow water to attract the largemouth bass.
  • The high-quality materials make the crankbait durable and you can easily use the bait for a long time if you do not lose it in a fight.
  • The anchor hooks are very strong and if you hook up a trophy size largemouth bass with it then the fish will not get a second chance to pull itself out from the hook.

Top 5 Best Bait for Largemouth Bass


When it comes to catching largemouth bass, selecting the right bait is crucial to your success. While live bait can be effective, artificial crankbait has proven to be the best choice for several reasons.

Why Crank Bait is the Best Bait to Catch Largemouth Bass?

Firstly, artificial crankbaits allow you to cover a lot of water quickly. Largemouth bass often moves around in schools, so covering more water means you’re more likely to come across a school of fish. Additionally, crankbaits can be used at various depths, allowing you to target fish at different depths.

Secondly, artificial crankbait can imitate the natural movement and appearance of baitfish, which is what largemouth bass typically feed on. By selecting a crankbait that resembles the local baitfish, you can increase your chances of enticing a strike.

Thirdly, A faster retrieve can trigger a reaction strike in aggressive feeding conditions, while a slower retrieve can be more effective in deeper or sluggish waters. By adjusting the speed of your crankbait, you can make it appear natural and enticing to increase your chances of landing that trophy largemouth bass

Lastly, artificial crankbait is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of fishing situations, such as fishing around structures or in open water. With the right technique and presentation, crankbait can entice a bite from even the most stubborn largemouth bass.

So, Which Crankbait on the Market You Should Rely on?

Fat Free Shad Crankbait: The Best Bait for Largemouth Bass

The best fishing bait that you can use during a hunt for largemouth bass is the Fat-Free Shad Crankbait manufactured by BOMBER. This tiny 10-gram crankbait is very effective at attracting largemouth bass quickly because of its natural-looking exterior design. The crankbait looks like a wounded shad swimming in the water and works best if cast into water whose depth is 4 to 8 feet.

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If you throw the crankbait with your fishing rod and retrieve it gradually using the baitcasting reel, it will create an artificial vibe in the surrounding water like a wounded shad fish, allowing you to attract largemouth bass living beneath the water.

The Fat-Free Crankbait works very well in medium to shallow water because, when you gradually retrieve the line, the kick-out paddle spins the bait in a depth of 4 to 8 feet of water and creates an illusion like a proven Fat-Free shad fingerling. The illusion provokes the largemouth bass in the water to quickly ambush the crankbait, and as a result, you end up securing the bass hooked up with your fishing line.

Variant Color

BOMBER has made Fat-Free Shad Crankbaits in 19 different colors to help catch and attract largemouth bass. The color variation of the crankbait allows you to choose the best bait for largemouth bass based on the species available in the lake or pond where you are casting your lure. For example, if threadfin shad fish are mostly available in the lake, you may choose the bluish-silver-colored crankbait introduced by the BOMBER. You can also purchase a pearl white Fat-Free Crankbait that resembles a real Shad swimbait in the water.

  1. The best artificial bait for largemouth bass
  2. Very satisfactory customer review
  3. 19 different colors available
  4. Works best for a water depth of 4 to 8 foot
  5. Very reflective exterior color and realistic 3D eyes
  6. Looks like a real shad fish swimming in the water.
  7. XCalibur Tx3 treble hooks attached with the crankbait
  1. Works very well for largemouth bass but you should not use it for panfish bass.
  2. Limited effectiveness in deeper water.
  3. May require frequent tuning.
  4. May be difficult to cast
  5. Expensive compared to other lures.


Spinnerbaits are the secret weapon of many anglers when it comes to catching largemouth bass. These artificial baits are designed with a metal blade that spins as it is retrieved through the water, creating a tantalizing flash of light and vibration that mimics the movements of a small fish. And let me tell you, the bass can’t resist it!

Why Spinnerbaits is the Second-Best Bait to Catch Largemouth Bass in My Opinion?

What I love about spinnerbaits is their versatility. You can use them in murky water, heavy cover, and even in open water. Just vary your retrieval speed, and you’ll be able to match the movement of baitfish and attract those sneaky bass hiding in the water.

Another great thing about spinnerbaits is that you can customize them to match the conditions of the water and the baitfish present. You can change the color and size of the blade and skirt, giving you even more options to lure in those big bass.

But what I love most about spinnerbaits is their ability to retrieve through heavy cover. When you’re fishing in waters with weeds or brush, other types of bait can easily get snagged or tangled. Not with a spinner bait! The design of these baits allows you to retrieve through the heaviest cover without getting hung up.

So, whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, adding spinnerbaits to your tackle box is a must. These versatile baits are sure to help you catch more fish and make your time on the water even more enjoyable. So, go ahead and give them a try. Who knows, you might just catch the biggest bass of your life!

So, Which Spinnerbaits on the Market You Should Rely on?

BOOYAH Pond Magic: Top Rated Spinner Bait

Spinner baits work very well if you are targeting largemouth bass, but the most important thing for a quality spinnerbait is the color composition and the ability to reflect the lights when you drag your fishing line. If the reflector attached to the spinner bait spins properly, it will create an artificial ray that will make the lure look like a baitfish and attract the attention of the surrounding bass.

The BOOYAH manufactures the best quality products in terms of performance and durability, and I found that the Pond Magic Spinner is one of the best baits for largemouth bass because the lure’s performance is widely appreciated by the sports fishing community.

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Because of its high contrast color combination, this tiny spinner fishing bait primarily attracts largemouth bass. When you throw the spinner into the water and gradually pull the line, the metal blade attached to the bait will keep spinning and reflect light onto the bait. The light reflection illuminates the bait and gives it a natural baitfish appearance, allowing the bass to ambush it and hook up with the fishing line.

Variant Model and Color

Booyah has introduced a couple of different models of its Pond Magic spinner fishing bait, and you have the option to choose the color that best suits your requirements.

Micro Pond Magic

The silicon-made Micro Pond Magic is only 3.5 grams in weight and looks like a real baitfish when thrown in the water. The eye-catching pumpkin seed or fire-ant-colored spinner baits create a natural vibe in the water to attract the largemouth bass living in it.

Pond Magic Buzz

If you see that the largemouth bass living in the lake or pond where you are fishing is mostly medium-sized, then this model is one of the best performers. The Pond Magic Buzz is specially designed to look like a natural bug swimming in the water. Besides, the Mustard Ultra Point 2/0 Hook hides under the silicone skirts and makes itself invisible when the bait is thrown in the water.

Pond Magic Real Crew

The Pond Magic and Pond Magic Real Crew are designed specifically to look like crew fish. The graphics on the outside of the spinner bait make it look like a crew fish swimming in the water, and the two different-shaped spinner blazes make the water shake more dramatically when the bait is thrown into it.

  1. Made with top grade materials for durability
  2. Four different Models are available to fulfill consumers’ needs.
  3. A lot of color variations are available
  4. You can use the bait for a long period of time.
  5. Effectively provoke the largemouth bass when cast in the water.
  6. Great customer review
  1. The producer indicated that Pond Magic is specially designed for Panfish bass.
  2. Limited effectiveness in deeper water.
  3. May require frequent tuning.

Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill Swimbait: Top Rated Fishing Bait for Largemouth Bass

Another very effective fishing bait that works like magic is the swimbait, and you will be amazed by the success rate if you use this lure for a while. Pro bass anglers always have faith in swimbaits, and when it comes to catching largemouth bass, what else can be more reliable than a realistic Baby Bull swimbait? As mentioned earlier, largemouth bass is fond of shad fish, and if you throw a swimbait like the Mike Bucca Baby Bull Shad or Gill Swimbait, then I can assure you that you will not come home empty-handed.

Catch-Co-Mike-Bucca-Baby-Bull-Gill-Swimbait-Top-Rated-Fishing-Bait for bass
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Mice Bucca and Catch Co. have worked together to make the most effective and realistic-looking baby bull Gill swimbait, which can attract trophy-sized largemouth bass or any other type of bass living in the water where you plan to cast your lure. Biologists have found that when largemouth bass grow up, they mostly attack creatures like medium- to large-sized shad or gill, small bass, frogs, and even baby ducks for their meals. As a result, if you throw a convincing swimbait like Mike Bucca Baby Bull in front of largemouth bass, you are more likely to catch the fish on the first try.

Variant Color and Model

Mike Bucca and Catch Co. debuted several Baby Bull swimbait models, ranging from a Baby Gill to a small-looking Crappie. The different color combinations of the models allow you to select your favorite bait for your next bass fishing trip.

The ABS plastic body of the Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill swimbait, along with an unbreakable brush tail, gives the swimbait a realistic exterior look that can provoke a largemouth bass very quickly. Additionally, the reflective multicolor look and slow drowning features of the swimbait make it look like a real baby shad swimming underwater. The swimbait comes with two #6 treble hooks attached to its triple-jointed body to hook up the bass without giving it a second chance.

  1. Top quality swimbait for any type of Bass
  2. High-end materials
  3. Long-lasting
  4. Eye catchy realistic exterior design
  5. Top quality hook
  6. Slow drawing ability
  1. Specifically designed for bass so you may not find it convenient for other types of fish.

Zoom U Tail Worm: The Most Effective Fishing Bait for Largemouth Bass

Catching largemouth bass with a straight-tail or u-tail artificial worm is always an effective method and a proven bait recommended by most professional anglers. I have found this worm bait to be very effective, and if you are looking to lure a largemouth bass, then nothing can be more effective than a u-tail fishing bait. The design of the worm is simple but looks exactly like live bait when cast in the water.

Zoom-U-Tail-Worm bait for bass
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Each worm is six inches long with a u-shaped tail that allows it to create vibration when cast in the water. The striped body shape makes it look like a living worm swimming in the water. The twenty-piece pack of worm bait is very cost-effective, as you can use each worm on a couple of your fishing trips. There are numerous colors available, from which you can choose the one you need and use it effectively for bass fishing.

  1. Works very well for any type of bass fishing.
  2. An elastic rubber body makes it more realistic and attracts the bass quickly.
  3. You can use the worm bait with any type of fishing hook.
  4. If properly attached then it will cover the entire hook and make the hook invisible when cast in the water.
  1. The U-shaped tail is not spiral therefore it does not make enough waves like a spiral tail worm bait.

BOOYAH Pad Crasher Frog: Artificial Fishing Bait

If you remember, I have already discussed the food habits of largemouth bass, and you will be amazed to know that a trophy-sized largemouth bass can easily shoot down a frog or even a baby duck. If you see largemouth bass in the surrounding water, try throwing a BOOYAH Pad Crasher Frog Bait. This amazingly designed baby frog-looking fishing lure is capable enough to award you a trophy-sized largemouth bass on your next fishing trip.

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If you find bass hanging in a sloping body of water or in a bush of underwater grass, you can throw this hollow-shaped artificial frog without having the trouble of losing your bait. The topwater swimming features of the bait quickly attract the large, hungry bass to ambush it.

The exterior color combination of the bait makes it look like a breathing baby frog swimming in the top water. The hooks are carefully attached to the bait in such a way that the bass cannot identify it and step into the trap very quickly. The bait’s greenish soft plastic body, combined with two separate spinnerbait-style legs, gives it the appearance of a bullfrog and can easily entice a largemouth bass to ambush it. Besides, you have the option to choose your favorite frog bait from different varieties, ranging from a dart frog to a nice-looking yellowish swamp frog.

  1. A couple of varieties are available to choose your favorite one.
  2. A soft plastic body with a realistic exterior design makes the bait like a living creature.
  3. Two high-quality hooks are attached parallel to the bait so that the hooks can be invisible when cast in the water.
  4. Easy to cast near underwater bushes or even a sloppy water body.
  5. Best for hunting trophy-size largemouth basses.
  1. This bait is specially designed for bass fishing therefore, you may find it difficult to catch other species with it.
  2. Works well for large-size basses only and if you find that the lakes or ponds only accommodate small or medium bass then you may use other types of fishing bait like worm or crankbait.

Buying Guide

When choosing an artificial bait for bass, or more specifically for largemouth bass, one should always focus on the natural characteristics of largemouth bass fish. If you can understand the food habits and surrounding ecosystem where you are planning to cast your baits, then you will be able to pick the best bait for largemouth bass. Therefore, to select the most effective fishing bait for largemouth bass, you need to be clever, and I believe the following guidelines will help you overcome the challenge for your next run-in search for largemouth bass.

Know Where Largemouth Basses Lives

According to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, largemouth bass live throughout North America, particularly in the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, and Mississippi River basins. According to the report, largemouth bass lives in the Artic drainage, which stretches from North Carolina to the northern part of Mexico.

So, where you live can also determine your chance of catching a largemouth bass if you are not planning to travel a long way to the Arctic Drainage. If you live in an area where largemouth bass are naturally found, you should pack your fishing backpack with all the necessary fishing gear as carefully as possible.

Prepare your Fishing Gears

As mentioned earlier, you need to be clear about your target and make your plan accordingly. If you are going to the Great Lakes, then obviously you need to pick a fishing boat and carry all the necessary fishing gear, ranging from a top-performing fishing rod and reel combo to the fish landing net to pull out the bass from the water. If you need more information about how to prepare your gear and follow different techniques during a hunt for bass, you can check out my article about Top Bass Fishing Tips.

Selecting the Best Bait for Largemouth Bass

Well, the most important question, for now, is how you will select the best fishing bait for largemouth bass. Let us dive into it and find some crucial information.

According to Eric M., a trophy-sized largemouth bass eats bluegills, yellow perch, frogs, snakes, and even mice. So, if you notice that you are throwing the lure for trophy bass, the BOMBER Fat-Free Shad Crankbait is your best option. This bait works very well to attract hefty largemouth bass in the blink of an eye. The Bomber Fat-Free Shad Crankbait is also usable for other types of bass but performs best for medium- to trophy-sized largemouth bass. Besides, you will also get good results by throwing Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill Swimbait or BOOYAH Pad Crasher Frog Bait if you are chasing medium- to trophy-sized largemouth bass.

On the other hand, you should use the BOYAH Pond Magic Spinner or Zoom U Tail Worm if you see largemouth bass in the ponds or lakes where you are casting your baits. These two fishing baits are very effective for catching small and medium-sized largemouth bass.

Final Word

The chase for largemouth bass is always changing, and success will largely depend on your fishing skills, your ability to lure the bass with the most effective bait, and the surrounding weather conditions. However, if the weather remains favorable, you can expect to catch a largemouth bass by casting the suggested fishing baits. I believe this article will help you choose the best bait for largemouth bass on your next fishing trip.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Price Varies Between Colors?

The price of artificial fishing bait may vary depending on factors such as the cost of materials, demand, and research and development. Hence, certain colors may require different materials or pigments, and some colors may be more popular or effective at catching fish, resulting in a higher price. Additionally, developing new colors or improving existing ones may require additional investment in research and testing, which can also impact the price

Where on the lure do you tie your fishing line?

To tie your fishing line to a lure, use a knot to attach it to a small metal loop on the front of the lure called the “line tie” or “eyelet”. The knot should be tied properly to secure the lure to your line and help it move naturally through the water to attract fish during casting and retrieval.

Can I use the baits for other types of bass?

While largemouth bass baits are primarily designed to attract largemouth bass, they can also be effective for other bass species, such as smallmouth bass and spotted bass.

The key to success is to match the bait to the specific fish species you are targeting and the conditions of the water you are fishing in. Different bass species have varying preferences when it comes to bait color, size, and type, so it’s important to choose a bait that matches the natural food sources in the area and the behavior of the fish

For example, if you’re targeting smallmouth bass in clear, rocky water, you might have better luck with a smaller, more natural-looking bait, such as a crayfish or minnow imitation. On the other hand, if you’re targeting largemouth bass in murky water, a larger, more colorful bait, such as spinner bait or crankbait, might be more effective.

Ultimately, it’s important to experiment with different baits and techniques to find what works best for the specific fish species and water conditions you’re facing.