Best Saltwater Spinning Reels of 2023

Hey, are you planning to start your saltwater fishing expedition? I am sure you are reading this article because you are looking for the best saltwater spinning reels on the market. No worries, man; you are about to find this article helpful in picking the best saltwater spinning reel that can fulfill all your requirements.

So, let us find out which facts and features make a saltwater spinning reel different from any other spinning reel.

To survive in the wild, you need to be wild, and this phrase entirely explains how robust and durable a spinning reel needs to be to provide you with top-notch performance.

Your spinning reel must be lightweight, smooth, and made with materials like stainless steel or carbon fiber. If the answer is yes, then your spinning reel will stand out during a fight against aggressive fish in the most incompatible weather conditions.

I have extensively researched the available saltwater-compatible spinning reels, and the following five spinning reels are the outcome of my research. I can assure you that compared to any other spinning reel, these five reels are the top scorers, and you can purchase one from the list depending on your budget.

Top 5 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels


Penn Authority-4500 Saltwater Spinning Reel

I have found that Penn has introduced some of the best saltwater spinning reels in terms of performance and durability. I have read a couple of review articles suggesting other spinning reel models as the best performer, but my research found out that the best offshore spinning reel by Peen is the Authority-4500. This spinning reel is the perfect weapon for offshore fishing if you do not have any problem with the price.


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Why Penn Authority-4500 made the cut?

The Authority Series spinning reels are the dominator of the industry, and Peen has installed the best out of the best features to make this reel the top scorer compared to any of its competitors.

Generally, 5+1 is a standard bearing system for smoothness where Peen installed a 12+1 ball bearing in the Authority-4500 spinning reel. The number can easily show you the difference between an Authority-4500 reel and any other spinning reel in this category in terms of smoothness.

Now let us look at the features that make Peen Authority-4500 the best saltwater spinning reel available on the market. I have found that most quality spinning reels use a combination of metal and carbon fiber to make them robust and durable.

But I have just been astounded by seeing that Peen has manufactured the entire body, side plate, and rotter with high-penetration metal. You can evaluate how robust a reel can be if it is entirely built with metal ingredients.

Peen has used the CNC gear to maximize the performance of the Authority series spinning reel. The stainless steel main and pinion gears are the exact components for the fastest dragging during usage.

A sealed slammer drag system containing Dura-Drag provides you with the smoothest dragging experience you can ever imagine. Hence, Dura-Drag is a proven performer, and during usage, it does not freeze up or wear out and gives you the smoothest dragging experience.

Peen has also used an IPX8 in the body and spool construction to protect the reel from external water damage. The IPX8 seal ensures that no water would get into the reels in any condition.


  1. The Authority-4500 is a high-performing spinning reel, with a 12+1 ball bearing system for smoothness that is superior to many competitors.
  2. The reel is built with high-penetration metal, making it robust and durable.
  3. The reel is also protected from external water damage with an IPX8 seal.


  1. The reel may be considered expensive by some anglers, which may not be suitable for those on a budget.
  2. The reel weighs 450 grams, which could be an issue for anglers who need to cast for long periods of time as it could cause fatigue or discomfort.
  3. The reel may also require regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition, especially if it is frequently used in saltwater.

Shimano Stradic-STC5000XGFL Saltwater Spinning Reel

Shimano has always struck me as one of the best manufacturers of affordable fishing equipment. And when it comes to spinning reels, Shimano is a reliable brand that has introduced some of the best fishing reels on the market.

According to my research and professionals’ recommendations, I have found that if you are trying to get a saltwater spinning reel that has all the latest features and can be bought at a reasonable price, the Shimano Stradic STC5000XGFL will be your second-best choice. This reel is just what you need for your saltwater fishing, and you can rely on it to hook and land any trophy game fish of any size.


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Why you should consider purchasing the Stradic-STC5000XGFL Spinning Reel?

You cannot deny the importance of a reel’s weight because if your reel weighs more, it is difficult to handle when you are in the deep sea for a big catch. Therefore, Shimano made this spinning reel entirely of high-grade aluminum to make it the lightest spinning reel on the market.

Therefore, if you ask me which factor makes the Stradic-STC5000XGFL spinning reel more appealing to me compared to the Penn Authority-4500, then my answer is the weight of this spinning reel.

Nothing can be more pleasant than the ultra-smooth dragging system of the Shimano Stradic-STC5000XGFL. Shimano has used seven aluminum ball bearings with a 6.2:1 gear ratio so that you can experience smooth dragging while fishing.

The Micro Module II gear system allows you to drag up to 24 pounds of weight, which means you can rely on this reel to hook and land any big game fish during your trip in the deep sea.

The line-holding capacity is another feature that distinguishes a saltwater spinning reel. Generally, you need more fishing lines when you are fishing offshore, and if your reel cannot hold enough fishing lines, you will be in trouble during a fight against a very aggressive game fish like tuna or marlin.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your saltwater spinning reel can accommodate enough fishing lines, and if you are using the Stradic-STC5000XGFL, you do not have to worry about that. The Stradic-STC5000XGFL has a large spool that can easily accommodate 260 yards of 20-pound fishing line. But if you use a 40-pound fishing line, your Stradic-STC5000XGFL saltwater spinning reel can easily hold 185 yards on the spool.


  1. Very lightweight saltwater spinning reel
  2. Very smooth dragging system
  3. Perfect for heavy-weight fishing
  4. Extend fishing line capacity
  5. Highly corrosion resistant


  1. The user found it difficult to clean because of the complex structure.
  2. No anti-reverse system is installed
  3. Anglers found the drag a little bit sticky during fishing

Daiwa SSALTIST-8000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

In the fishing industry, Daiwa is a name of trust and durability, no matter if you are asking about a spinning reel or a robust fishing rod. Therefore, if you are eager to buy a spinning reel for your offshore expedition, I believe you can blindly rely on the Daiwa Saltist series spinning reels.

Keeping in mind the needs of their customers, Daiwa introduced seven different models of SSALTIST spinning reels. So, you can choose any of the seven models based on your needs.

In my saltwater spinning reel review, I discovered that the SSaltist-8000 is the best saltwater spinning reel in the SSaltist series in terms of features and performance. So, without further ado, let us look at the features of the SSaltist-8000 spinning reel to make your final purchase decision.


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Why you should consider The Daiwa SSALTIST-8000 Spinning Reel?

Daiwa has used its latest Mag Sealed technology to construct the main shaft and line roller. This technology is the backbone of this spinning reel’s ability to stand out against its competitors. This advanced technology preserves the pressure and penetration caused by drift and stops the dust from entering the rotor.

Daiwa also includes a metal oil that keeps the reel from rusting when exposed to saltwater or extreme weather. This magnetic oil was introduced by NASA and later produced by Daiwa, so you will not get this special type of lubricant in any other saltwater spinning reel.

Daiwa has focused extremely to make the SSALTIST reels the most durable and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, they have introduced their proprietary metal alloy to construct the body which they call HardBodyz. Besides, the high-grade stainless-steel ball bearing, Lightweight Air Rotor, and tubular stainless steel Air Bail kales the reel as light as possible.

You will find a very smooth Digigear and waterproof carbon ATD Drag system in the SSALTIST-800 reel, and I am sure that you will fall in love with its cranking power and smooth dragging performance during your trip.

The SSALTIST-8000 saltwater spinning reel is also great because it has an extendable spool that can hold 300 meters of 10-pound fishing line. In my experience, the fishing line is more than enough to play with any type of game fish in the deep sea.

This spinning reel is a perfect weapon to catch any aggressive game fish, like tuna or marlin. With the 5.3:1 gear ratio, you can retrieve 53.3 inches of your fishing line per turn and have a maximum drag weight of 33 pounds. I believe the dragging power is enough to catch a trophy game fish without too much physical effort.


  1. One of the best saltwater spinning reels on the market.
  2. Smooth Digigear and waterproof carbon ATD Dragging system.
  3. 9 high-quality stainless-steel ball bearing
  4. Extended spool for more fishing line
  5. Highly Corrosion resistant
  6. After purchase customer service.


  1. The SSALTIST-800 weighs 850g which is quite heavyweight.
  2. Expensive fishing reel.

PENN Battle III-6000 Saltwater Spinning Reel

You have already read my earlier review of the Peen Authority spinning reel. Peen Authority is the best saltwater spinning reel, but the price of the reel is very expensive. Therefore, if you are looking for a reel in the 100-to-200-dollar price range, you should have a look at the Peen Battle III-10000 spinning reel.

I have already published an article on the best fishing rod and reel combo where I mentioned the Peen Battle III fishing combo as the best available fishing rod and reel combo in terms of overall performance.

Peen Battle III is a multipurpose fishing reel that you can use not only in saltwater but also for freshwater fishing.

Peen is a name of durability and trust that never disappoints its customers. So, if you are not comfortable purchasing the Peen Authority-4500, then you can pick the Battle III-10000 for your saltwater fishing. And I am confident that you will enjoy the performance of the reel during your fishing trip.


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Why You Should Keep Faith on Peen Battle III-10000?

As mentioned before, you should always consider some standard features of a spinning reel, and the Peen Battle III-10000 is the exact saltwater spinning reel that will fulfill all your needs at a reasonable price.

Peen has introduced its premium CNC gear technology with a gear ratio of 4.2:1 in the Battle III-10000 spinning reel, which allows it to provide its user with a very fast and smooth dragging experience during their fishing trip. Furthermore, 6 stainless steel ball bearings are attached to the reel to improve the reel’s performance.

I have seen that even at a high price, Shimano and Daiwa have not included an anti-reverse feature in their Stradic-STC5000XGFL and SSALTIST saltwater spinning reels. But even in a lower price range, you will get the instant anti-reverse feature in the Peen Battle III-10000, so isn’t it better to pick this reel for your saltwater fishing?

The HT-100 dragging system attached to the aluminum spool is so strong that you can easily drag up to 40 pounds of weight without much effort. Besides, another thing that catches my attention is the line capacity of the Battle III-10000 spinning reel.

You can accommodate 330 yards of 40-pound monofilament fishing line on the extended spool. Besides, you can recover 109 cm of fishing line in a single turn, which is very efficient during a fight with the most aggressive game fish.


  1. Advanced CNC gear technology
  2. 6 stainless steel ball bearing
  3. HT-100 carbon fiber drag
  4. Instant anti-reverse
  5. Full metal body and side plate
  6. 40-pound drag capability
  7. Extended spool for more fishing line


  1. The weight of the reel is quite heavy

Daiwa BG-3500 Saltwater Spinning Reel

In this article, I have tried to review the top 5 saltwater fishing reels based on their performance and price. Therefore, at first, I reviewed the top-grade spinning reels, which are quite expensive, but I also wanted to review one or two spinning reels that performed well but cost less.

I have found the Daiwa SSALTIST-8000 to be one of the best saltwater spinning reels, but it is quite expensive. Therefore, if you want a Daiwa spinning reel for saltwater fishing but do not have a lot of money, then the alternative to the SSALTIST-8000 is the Daiwa BG3500 BG Saltwater Spinning Reel.

This model of Daiwa performs great, and you can buy it for less than 150 dollars. This spinning reel is a real piece of comfort for your saltwater fishing, and with this budget, you will not get anything better than this.


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Why did I consider reviewing the Daiwa BG3500 Saltwater Spinning Reel?

I have found that in this price range, the BG3500 spinning reel is a symbol of durability, smoothness, and balanced performance. The body and spool of the reel are made of high-quality aluminum to make this reel robust and lightweight. Therefore, you will find this reel very comfortable to use during your fishing trip.

I was also amazed to see that Daiwa used the Digigear system in the BG3500 saltwater spinning reel that they installed in their SSALTIST-8000 reel. That means you are still getting the best gear technology with a less expensive spinning reel from Daiwa. Besides, you are getting Infinite Anti-Reverse lock in this reel which is quite unexpected with this price range.

Daiwa has used seven CRBB ball bearings and an ATD dragging system in the BG3500 spinning reel to make it smooth and fast. The ATD drag is made up of ultra-touch drive gear and pinion gear for maximum fast dragging and robust cranking power.

Another advantage of the BD3500 is that it contains an extended spool that can accommodate 240 yards of 10-pound monofilament fishing line. In general, when you are in deep water, you need more fishing lines to control the fish you hook up. So, if you use the BG3500, then you do not have to worry about your fishing line during a fight.


  1. Fully Aluminum body, and Air Rotor.
  2. Advanced Digigear system.
  3. Waterproof ATD drag system
  4. 7 CRBB ball bearing.
  5. Infinite Anti-Reverse System.
  6. Extended spool for more fishing lines.


  1. Field review identified that the spool of the reel is not anodized.

Buying Guide

So, the detailed review of the top 5 best saltwater spinning reels is now in front of your eyes. Though I have reviewed the best-performing reels on the market, I believe each reel has its advantages and disadvantages.

All these five reels are top-rated according to their performance and price. I think you have already made up your mind to pick one of the five best saltwater spinning reels, but if not, you should follow the buying guide to pick a quality spinning reel that fulfills your requirements.

So, when choosing a spinning reel, you should think about the following things to make sure you buy a good one. Let us figure out what factors and features make a spinning reel stand out against its competitors.

Spool Design and Fishing Line

No matter which brands you choose, you need to make sure that your spinning reel has enough room to accommodate a standard amount of fishing lines on its spool.

In inshore fishing, you may not need a lot of fishing lines, but in offshore fishing, you should not take any chances. Saltwater fish are aggressive and large. You will face aggressive jumping and twisting when you hook up something like a marline or a gigantic tuna. Therefore, securing your catch is a bit more challenging in saltwater compared to freshwater.

You must keep enough fishing line, and to do so, you must have a medium- to large-sized spool in your spinning reel. I have looked at the five best spinning reels, and they all have spools that are long enough to hold enough fishing lines.

I have reviewed the standard size of the reel so that you have the flexibility to use it for both inshore and offshore fishing. For example, Penn Authority or Stradic series spinning reels have different sizes. But I have reviewed the best-sized spinning reel that has all the features to stand out in a harsh environment.

Therefore, when purchasing your best saltwater spinning reels, always keep an eye on the size of the reel.

You may not select the largest one, but try to select a size that accommodates a reasonable amount of fishing line on its spool.

Which Reel Size is Best for Saltwater Fishing?

Well, the answer to this question depends on where you are casting your lines in the ocean. In general, saltwater fishing is divided into two categories: inshore and offshore. So, first, check out the difference between inshore and offshore fishing.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing is when you cast your baits close to the shorelines where the water is shallow. For example, you have seen anglers catch saltwater fish from the beach, and you can call this fishing technique “inshore fishing.”

Offshore Fishing

You have seen people fishing in the deep sea, and in general, this type of fishing is called offshore fishing. Generally, if you travel a couple of miles from the shoreline to the deep sea for fishing, that means you are casting your bait offshore. Hence, offshore fishing is also known as deep-sea fishing.

Recommended Reel Size for Inshore and Offshore Fishing

So now you know the difference between inshore and offshore fishing, and I believe it will help you choose the right size saltwater spinning reel for your next fishing trip.

If you are more interested in inshore fishing, then you do not have to pick a large-size spinning reel. Typically, when you are fishing inshore, the water depth is not that much deeper, and you can comfortably catch saltwater fish with a reel size between 1000 and 5000.

For inshore fishing, I recommend selecting 3000 or 4000-size spinning reels. These types of spinning reels are not too big and can accommodate enough fishing lines on their spools.

Furthermore, you will get the majority of the features on any size reel of a model. Therefore, if you choose the recommended size spinning reel, then you can use this type of reel for inshore and freshwater fishing without any trouble.

Hence, if you are planning to go fishing in the deep sea, the recommended reel size is 5000 to 10000. It is not required to bring 5000- or 10000-size spinning reels on an offshore fishing trip, but doing so will give you an advantage.

Generally, larger-size reels are made especially for heavyweight fishing in the deep sea. The large-size reel, like the 8000 or 10000, has an extended spool that can accommodate more fishing lines and possesses some additional features that are only introduced for offshore fishing.

I have found that any well-known brand makes their larger-sized fishing reels with advanced technology and features that make them strong and durable for deep-sea fishing.

For example, I have reviewed the SSALTIST-8000 saltwater spinning reel, which has a line-holding capability of 440 yards if you choose an 80-pound fishing line. On the other hand, the SSALTIST-2500 reel has a line-holding capability of 170 yards if you choose an 80-pound monofilament fishing line.

So, you can easily understand the difference in line capacity on different-sized fishing reels. Also, manufacturers sometimes add more advanced dragging and gear systems to larger reels compared to smaller reels.

Therefore, if your target is to fish in deep water, you should pick a reel that fulfills your requirements. It is not necessary that you pick the largest reel size; instead, consider picking a reel size between 5000 and 10000. It will help you catch big-game fish more comfortably.

Dragging System

The dragging system is the backbone of a fishing reel, whether you are picking a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel. No matter which brands you choose, you should always pick a reel that has a robust dragging system.

I have found that most reputed manufacturers introduce different types of advanced dragging systems in their fishing reels. So, you need to understand what type of dragging system is the latest and how it performs.

Which Dragging System is Best for a Spinning Reel?

You will find carbon washer-based dragging systems in most of the latest fishing reels. Carbon fiber drag is one of the latest dragging technologies that perform best in any weather condition.

For example, if you choose a top-rated fishing reel by Peen, you will find that they installed their latest Sealed Slammer dragging system. Sealed Slammer is one of the best dragging systems installed in a Peen fishing reel, and its performance is top-notch.

On the other hand, dragging systems like Cross Carbon, Carbon ATD, and HT-100 are some of the best-known dragging systems that you should consider when purchasing a fishing reel.

Ball Bearing

The number of ball bearings installed in a fishing reel heavily affects its performance. A dragging system with more ball bearings will be smoother. In general, 5+1 ball bearings perform very well for smoothness, but top-rated spinning reels like the Peen Authority consist of up to 10 stainless steel ball bearings.

As a result, you should always check the number of ball bearings in the reel as well as the materials used to make the ball bearings.

Weight of the Reel

In general, saltwater spinning reels are quite heavy, but that does not mean that will exceed the standard weight. I have found that most of the large-size saltwater spinning reels weigh between 250 and 850 grams. If your selected reel weights are within this range, then I think you will not face any trouble using it.

But some of the reel’s weight is more than one kilogram, and that is something you should not consider purchasing. Therefore, when selecting a spinning reel for saltwater fishing, always consider the weight of the reel; otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable using the reel for a daylong fishing trip.

Saltwater Spinning Reel Maintenance

Let us watch a video on how to take care of your saltwater spinning reel