Plano Tackle Bag 3600 Reviewed [100$]

If you have been fishing for a couple of years and fallen in love with angling, I am sure you have already purchased many fishing gears that scatter here and there in your storage. I had the same experience you are facing right now, and I suggest buying a compact fishing tackle bag that will hold all your small gear in one place. If you do not want to bother finding the most efficient bag for your fishing gear, I recommend purchasing the Plano tackle bag 3600, one of the top-selling tackle bags in online stores and even at your local angling store.

I have noticed that almost every angler keeps at least one quality tackle bag that can carry all the small and medium fishing gear in manageable condition. Furthermore, when all the small equipment is stored chronologically, finding what you need while fishing is simple.

Plano Tackle Bag 3600

Plano introduced a couple of different sizes of their tackle bag. Still, according to the customer review and sales report, the PLABG360 model, commonly known as the 3600 series, is the top-rated tackle bag in its category. The versatile design and space of the bag are outstanding, and according to my observation, you do not need any additional bag if you have a Plano tackle bag 3600 in your possession.

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Size and Capacity of the Plano Tackle Bag 3600 Series

The 1680 Denier fabric structure of the Plano tackle bag 3600 series is so robust that even after using it for a couple of years, you will not find the bag’s shape wounded. Correspondingly, the oversized melded zippers of the bag are easy to use and more compatible with rough usage.

The 10-by-16-inch tackle bag has five individual 3600-size and one 3500-size stowaway for ultimate tackle organization in one place. Consequently, the specifically designed waterproof side pouches are a lifesaver for your cell phone, license, or any other sensitive documents.

Features of the 3600 Guide Series Tackle Bag

Number of Stows

The Guide 3600 Plano tackle bag has a specially designed inner chamber that can hold five 3600-size tackle boxes and another side zipper pouch to keep a 3500-size tackle box. Six tackle boxes’ storage capacity is enough to store your artificial baits, spear hooks, and any necessary small fishing gear. The XL size of the Plano tackle box has more storage capacity than the 3600 series, but I prefer the 3600 series Plano tackle bag more than any other model because of its size.

Fishing Rod Holder

Another fantastic feature of the Plano tackle bag is that it provides two additional fishing rod holders on the backside of the bag. It is convenient because I do not have to bring another carrying bag for my fishing rod and reel combo. It may not be enough for everyone to have only two fishing rod and reel holders, but I like to get my two best combos onto my Plano 3600, and I am good to go for the day.

Magnetic Drop-zone

The most beautiful part of the tackle box is the magnetic drop zone that grabs any fishing components with some ferromagnetic metals. You need to drop your spear crankbaits or hooks on top of the magnetic zone, and you are all set; there is no need to worry about losing them.


Waterproof Pouch

As anglers, we know the weather can be bad on an unlucky fishing day when a storm suddenly roars upon us. I have faced it so often, and when it happens, the most challenging thing for an angler is to protect the sensitive documents and devices we keep. In the latest update of the Plano tackle bag, you will find a waterproof pouch attached inside the side chamber to keep all your important documents and devices safe from water. It is a great addition—simple but valuable.

Padded Shoulder Strap

The weight of the empty Plano 3600 is ‎4 Pounds and when you load all your fishing gear or rod and reel combo it may weigh up to 8 pounds depending on what thing you are putting into the chambers. For me, if my Plano weighs 7 pounds when loaded then I am very much comfortable carrying it. Also, the 2 handled slip pockets are very useful to carry the bag when you need to walk a long way to get into the fishing spot.

TPR Molded Base

The non-skid TPR over-melded bottom rubs protect the bag from sliding around your fishing boat or kayak during a fishing trip.


  1. A complete fishing gear storage solution with everything anglers need.
  2. Strong structure and high-quality outer fabric protect all your gears from external damage.
  3. Easy to carry in a long hike.
  4. Protects your electronic devices and sensitive documents from any kind of water damage.
  5. Lightweight fishing tackle bag.
  6. Reasonable price.


  1. If you prefer to carry mode gears on a fishing trip then the Guide series 3600 may not be perfect for you but you can have a look at the Guide series 3700 which may be suitable for you.
  2. If you are not comfortable carrying a bag pack then it may not be a good fit for you.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best fishing tackle bag for your needs can take time because there are so many different models on the market. One becomes easily distracted from the primary goal of purchasing a quality tackle bag just because one needs help finding authentic information about the product. Therefore, I have gone through some important facts and features you should consider before ordering your tackle bag from any source.

Brand Value

I advise users to choose products with an excellent market brand reputation and a competitive performance against other market competitors. When you ask for fishing equipment like a tackle box, you will find a handful of brands that manufacture and market quality products, and anglers have kept faith in their products for years. Plano, Spiderwire Wolf, Flambeau, and Mustad are some of the most known brands in tackle bag manufacturing. Their product quality always fulfilled customer satisfaction and established a brand value in the fishing sports industry.

Features of the Tackle Bag

It is always wise to compare a couple of tackle bags to identify the best quality product for your fishing trip. Always check the storage capacity, quality of the fabrics, zippers used in the bag, and additional features that are useful during your fishing trip.


When choosing a fishing tackle bag, one must remember that the bag must be easy to carry, strong enough to protect the gear and lightweight. It must be lightweight so you can easily carry it during a long hike.

Always look for innovative Design

The more innovative features a tackle bag has, the more comfortable it will be during your fishing trip. For example, the magnetic zone parts of the Plano Guide series 3500, 3600, and 3700 tackle bags give you the unique opportunity to organize all your small ferromagnetic equipment on the top of your tackle bag. This feature is incredible, and you will only understand its usefulness if you bring one of the tackle bags with you on a fishing trip.

Warranty of the Product

It is always wise to purchase a tackle bag with warranty assurance and post-sale services. Besides that, you also need to be assured by the seller that if, in any case, you get a faulty product delivered to your front door, then you can send back the product for a refund or a fresh product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Plano 3600 tackle bag?

The dimension of the Plano 3600 is 16″ x 10″ x 9.5″

I do not need the stows, so can I only order the tackle bag?

Some online stores allow you to buy only the tackle bag excluding the stows. But most of the sellers only allow you to place the order if you want to get the total package.

Can the 3600 boxes be slanted vertically in the main section?

Yes, it can be stacked vertically without any trouble.

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