Best Saltwater Trolling Motors Reviewed

Saltwater trolling motors are designed to perform in any type of weather condition so that anglers can safely go fishing and come back to the harbor when things get out of hand. As a result, whether you are a novice saltwater angler or have been angling for decades, you should not take any chances when choosing your saltwater trolling motor. 

Hence, modern-day trolling motors come with a lot of advanced technology to provide you with the best fishing experience when you are in the ocean. Therefore, you must evaluate all aspects and features of the available saltwater trolling motors on the market before making your final purchase decision. In this review article, I will break down every necessary piece of information you should consider before purchasing a top-quality saltwater trolling motor for your next fishing voyage.


Garmin Force

Minn Kota Terrova

Minn Kota Ulterra

Newport Vessels

Shaft Length 

57 Inches

87 Inches

54/60/72 Inches

24 Inches


100/ 80 pound

112 Pound

112 / 80 Pound

55 Pound

Auto Deploy





Wireless Remote






68 Pound

66 Pound

20 Pound











Garmin Force Saltwater Trolling Motors

Garmin is a popular choice among anglers when it comes to an all-around performer in saltwater. Hence, this manufacturer has introduced some of the greatest trolling motors that can suppress any other models available on the market. It is true that comparing two industrial giants like Garmin and Minn Kota is quite impossible, as they both feature the best trolling motors in the sport fishing industry.

But Garmin’s Force series trolling motor has some impressive features that should be praised. Also, the 2019 ICAST conference said that the Garmin Force series trolling motor was the best overall, and we cannot argue with that. So, let us find out the features and facts that make the Force series the winner in its category.

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Why Garmin Force Trolling Motor is the Best?

According to my research and experts’ opinions, the fact that makes the Force trolling motor one of the best in the industry is that this trolling motor can be used in any type of water. So far, we have only looked at a couple of saltwater-specific trolling motors. But you will be surprised to learn that if you buy a Force motor, you can use it in saltwater, brackish water, or even freshwater. Therefore, this versatility is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Let us have a look at the features of the Force series trolling motor,

Waterproof Wireless Remote

You will just love the wireless remote that comes with the Garmin Force saltwater trolling motor. If you are crazy enough to run your boat using the traditional foot pedal, then you have the flexibility to stick with it. However, if you want to control the boat seating on the deck, the Force’s wireless, waterproof remote is just the weapon for you. Besides, this remote is floatable and waterproof to cope with any possible harsh weather conditions during your fishing expedition.

Auto Deploy and Stow

You will have the opportunity to use the auto-deploy and auto-stow features of the Force series, which are easy to use and require no additional physical effort. The deployment and stow positions of the propeller are so simple and automated that anyone with a rudimentary understanding of boating can operate the motor efficiently.

Autopilot Mode

During your fishing trip, you can use the autopilot mode to operate your boat in any direction you want with the highest accuracy. This GPS-guided head sensor and spot lock feature is easy to use and gives you a lot of confidence in it. So, you will spend a lot of time focusing on your target, and the boat will be easy to control on its own.

Silent like a Snake

The Germin Force trolling motor is one of the quietest motors you will ever encounter. This snake-like silent trolling feature will help you target your fish without creating much noise. Also, moving quietly is a great way to get the most accurate sonar readings during your fishing trip.

Diversified Power Option

This trolling motor can easily be operated using a 24-volt or 36-volt battery. One thing that caught my attention is that, with the three batteries installed, you can also operate the trolling motor on two batteries if one of them shuts down for any reason. Moreover, you have more control over the motor if you face any trouble with the battery during your trip.


The Force trolling motor is the most powerful one on the market and is 30% more efficient than any other trolling motor. The 24-volt Force saltwater trolling motor provides 100 pounds of thrust; on the other hand, if you operate the 36-volt, then you can easily expect to have 120 pounds of thrust without any trouble.

Built-in Sonar Compatibility

You will get CHIRP sonar with the Force series, which is a top-rated performer in scanning the water with accuracy. You can also install a more advanced sonar scanner that works with the Force series trolling motor if you want to upgrade your sonar system.

Brushless Motor

Garmin has installed a brass-less motor in the Force series to make it more energy efficient, powerful, and silent, like a snake crawling on the water. The silent features also aid in the accuracy of sonar scanning.


  1. Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing
  2. Maximum thrust power with power consumption efficiency.
  3. Automated easy-to-use feature.
  4. Wireless remote control for flexible driving
  5. Maximum sonar accuracy
  6. Product warranty with excellent customer service
  7. Suitable to use in both saltwater and freshwater


  1. Expensive
  2. Not for Kayaks or Skiffs

Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Saltwater Trolling Motor

You have just reviewed the Ulterra, but if you need a little bit of comfort with your trolling motor, then you should have a look at the Minn Kota Riptide Terrova Saltwater Trolling Motors. This amazing, high-tech motor is made for saltwater trips, but it has more features and is more flexible than the Ulterra series. So, it will be more convenient and easier to use on your trip, and the fish-finding features of the trolling motor will push you to the next level of your saltwater fishing adventure.

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GPS Trolling System

With the advanced I-Pilot ink technology, you can link the device to your Humminbird fish finder to find the location of the species you want to catch in the ocean. Angling in the ocean is always a challenge, and the more you carefully use cutting-edge technology, the greater your chances of catching your targeted fish.

 Therefore, professional anglers now heavily rely on fish finders during their voyages in saltwater, and Minn Kota just caught the opportunity to introduce a high-tech combination of trolling motors and fish finder devices in the Riptide Terrova Trolling Motor series.

Besides that, the integrated GPS technology will also allow you to control the speed, navigation, and depth of the water. You can monitor the path record, the position of your propeller, and even the steering of the boat using the digital touch screen of the I-pilot remote controller.

Autopilot Mode

The Minn Kota Riptide Terrova also has an autopilot mode, which means you can automatically select the course of your fishing boat and comfortably reach the fishing spot you want. This feature is always user-friendly and does not require specialized skills to operate. So, if you’re new to saltwater fishing and nervous about how to drive a fishing boat, this autopilot feature is your best friend on the trip.

The Spot-Lock Feature

During a fishing trip you must anchor your boat in a certain spot to cast your bait in the water and anchoring manually is a difficult task for many anglers. Considering the problem, Mint Kota Riptide Terrova features an easy-to-use spot lock functionality. The GPS-guided spot locking helps you to keep your boat steady on any unstable water surface. Hence, the heading sensor allows you to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction using the Jog.

Maximum Speed with Minimum Power Consumption

The Terrova trolling motor can run much longer like the Ulterra series with a single battery charge. Besides, the I-pilot-ink touch display provides easier control compared to the I-pilot remote of the Ulterra series trolling motor. You can easily set your boat speed using the touch screen and push your boat in any direction you want.

Other Features

Best forSaltwater
Thrust and Voltage112 Pound (36 Volt)
Shaft Length87 Inches
Auto DeployYes
Wireless RemoteIncluded
Weight68 Pound
Model NameRiptide Terrova


  1. Longer run time
  2. Maximum thrust power
  3. Efficient power consumption
  4. Advanced GPS and I-pilot Ink technology
  5. Auto Deploy and stow feature
  6. Corrosion resistance body and spear parts


  1. Not suitable for small boats or kayaks
  2. Only for saltwater usage
  3. Expensive

Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Saltwater Trolling Motors

Angling in saltwater is impossible without a reliable fishing boat, and when it comes to the offshore fishing boat trolling motor, the name “Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra Saltwater Trolling Motor” comes to mind at first glance. If you decide to buy the Ulterra, you will get a silent sneak that will not scare away the fish you want to catch in the ocean.

Therefore, let us dive into the deep water and find out the best features of the Riptide Ulterra trolling motor for you.

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GPS Trolling System

You will never believe how handy the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra is without having a close look at this masterpiece. These high-tech trolling motors come with a fully digital i-Pilot remote, allowing you to visually monitor the functions of the trolling motor on the easy-to-read analog screen display.

Auto Deploy

The auto-deploy feature of the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra is just mind-blowing. All you have to do is push a button, and it will drop into the water right away. As a result, you can use the remote to control the motor and set any position of the propeller based on the water depth where you are fishing.

If you are in shallow water, you just pull the propeller using the remote controller, and you are all set to move around the water. On the other hand, in deep water where the water current is comparatively fast, you can drop the propeller in much deeper water for more power and speed. Here, you will notice the difference because the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra saltwater trolling motor is very smooth and the noise is much lower than that of any other trolling motor in its category.

Autopilot Mode

One of the most advanced features of the Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra saltwater trolling motor is that you can set autopilot mode during your voyage. If you turn autopilot mode on, then you just need to point the head of the motor in the direction you want to go, and the feature will automatically adjust the movement no matter how severe the wind, wave, or current in the ocean fluctuates.

Minimum Power Consumption with Maximum Speed

The Minn Kota Riptide Ulterra saltwater trolling motor can go as fast as possible while using the least amount of power. With the advanced technology, you can run your boat five times longer on a single battery charge.

Other Features

Best forSaltwater
Thrust and Voltage112 Pound (36 Volt), 80 Pound (24 Volt)
Shaft Length54 Inches/60 Inches/ 72 Inches
Auto DeployYes
Wireless RemoteIncluded
Weight66 Pound
Model NameRiptide Ulterra
MaterialComposite, Aluminium, Plastic


  1. Easy-to-use technology
  2. Autopilot mode enables anyone to operate the motor
  3. Auto deploy and stow reduce the manual effort
  4. Spot lock system helps to stabilize your boat in any weather condition
  5. Different controlling features
  6. Maximized service warranty


  1. Very Expensive trolling motors
  2. Expensive spear parts
  3. Heavy Weight
  4. Not suitable for small kayaks or skiffs
  5. You may need to use the warranty
  6. Only two shaft lengths are available

MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor

The MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor is another market-dominating product that you can rely on. It has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, making it perfect for saltwater fishing. Let us explore some of the features that make this trolling motor the perfect companion for your next saltwater fishing expedition.

MotorGuide-Xi5 trolling motor
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Why You Should Rely on MotorGuide Xi5 Trolling Motor for Saltwater?

Robust Construction

The MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor is the ideal choice for anglers seeking a durable trolling motor that can withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing. With its composite and stainless steel construction, it boasts impressive strength and sturdiness. Moreover, its corrosion-resistant properties ensure its longevity and protection against harsh saltwater conditions. Hence, this trolling motor allows you to navigate confidently in any challenging saltwater environment.

Wireless Control

With its wireless control feature, you can easily operate the trolling motor from anywhere on your boat. The remote control has a range of up to 100 feet, allowing you to focus on your fishing while controlling the boat’s movement with ease.

GPS Anchor

One of the standout features of the MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor is its GPS anchor. It uses GPS technology to hold your boat in a specific location, allowing you to focus on your fishing without worrying about drifting away from your preferred spot. The GPS anchor can also be used to set up a route, making it easier for you to navigate through unfamiliar waters.

Quiet and Efficient Operation

The MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor is designed to operate quietly and efficiently. It features a variable speed control that allows you to adjust the speed of the motor based on your needs, minimizing the noise, and maximizing battery life.

Easy Installation

Installing the MotorGuide Xi5 Saltwater Trolling Motor is a breeze. It comes with a quick-release mounting bracket, making it easy to attach and detach the motor from your boat. The motor also comes with a plug-and-play design, allowing you to quickly and easily connect it to your boat’s power supply.


  1. Precise GPS system for accurate navigation
  2. Wireless remote control for convenient use
  3. Durable and corrosion-resistant construction for saltwater use
  4. Variable speed control for different water conditions
  5. Quiet operation for better fish detection


  1. Higher price point compared to other trolling motors
  2. Large and heavy designs can be difficult to maintain for some
  3. Limited battery life compared to some other models
  4. GPS signal can be affected by interference in some areas
  5. Some users may prefer a foot pedal control option.

Newport Vessels Saltwater Trolling Motors

The all-new 55-pound Newport Vessels saltwater trolling motor is the best budget-friendly motor for saltwater, and you will not find anything better in this price range, that is for sure. All the saltwater trolling motors available on the market are highly expensive, and if you are trying to get a budget-friendly but top-performing trolling motor for your kayak or small boat, then this model is the best option for you. Let us dig out the features and prospects of the Newport Vessels’ 55-pound trolling motor and compare it with others to make your next successful purchase.

Why Newport Vessels Trolling motor is the best for kayaks and Skiffs?

Whether you are using a kayak or even a small skiff, the Newport Vessels 55LP saltwater trolling motor is the best product and price you will ever find on the market. Most of the anglers who used this staff heavily recommended it for small-scale boats and kayaks. Therefore, if you have just started your fishing adventure and are trying to keep a trolling motor for your water vehicle for bass fishing or saltwater fishing, then nothing is more convenient than this saltwater masterpiece.

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Adjustable Shaft

Because the Newport Vessels 55-pound saltwater trolling motor is designed specifically for small-scale watercraft, you can adjust the shaft to your specifications. The 55-pound and 36-pound thrust models come with a 24-inch shaft, which you can adjust in the ocean based on the depth of the water. The strong transom mounting bracket has a highly adjustable lock that is attached to the shaft. This makes it easy to fine-tune the propeller’s direction and position.

Adjustable Speed

This saltwater trolling motor has five forward speeds and three reverse speeds, and it is very simple to use, allowing you to set your speed according to your needs. Besides, a six-inch-long telescoping handle near the LED battery meter at the top of the trolling motor makes it easy to control the motor.


The trolling motor head is made of aluminum for maximum durability in any weather condition. Besides, all the hardware is made of durable stainless steel with zinc and magnesium coatings for maximum durability against corrosion. Along with that, the fiberglass-reinforced propeller is strong enough to fight against the water current, and the powder-coated motor’s outer cover keeps the inside electronic component safe from any water damage.

Flexible Placement

You will get a five-foot, six-inch cable to power the trolling motor from the battery. The long cable is very helpful to keep the battery in the most secure place inside the water vehicle and power the outside motor. This helps keep your battery safe from saltwater damage. Most of the time, anglers use an additional battery cover to protect the lead-acid DC 12V battery of the Newport Vessels saltwater trolling motor.

Best forSmall Kayak or Skiff
Thrust and Voltage55 Pound (12 Volt) 36 Pound (12 Volt)
Shaft Length24 Inches
Auto DeployNo
Wireless RemoteNo
Weight20 Pound
Model Name23M1000402
MaterialComposite, Fiberglass, Plastic


  1. Best saltwater trolling motor for kayaks and small boats
  2. Two different thrust models are available
  3. Lightweight trolling motor
  4. Efficient power consumption
  5. Longer run time


  1. Not suitable for a large or medium water vehicle
  2. Only one shaft length is available

Buying Guide

You should always ensure that the trolling motor you are purchasing has the standard features that make a trolling motor perform well in the water. You will find hundreds of companies manufacturing different types of trolling motors, but only some specific brands are dominating the market. So, it is always a good idea to look over the basic features and parts of a trolling motor before you buy it. I have found some important things that you should think about when choosing the best trolling motor on the market. Let us dive into the discussion on how to select the best fishing trolling motor for your expedition.

Battery Capacity

You are planning to explore the sea, and you will become safe when your trolling motor keeps running. Just imagine what will happen if your battery shuts down when you are hundreds of miles from shore and do not have a communication system to contact for help. I believe this is the worst situation for any angler exploring the ocean for fishing. Therefore, you must ensure that you have a trolling motor capable enough to go inside the fishing zone and, more importantly, to take you safely back to the harbor in any situation.

So, the first thing you need to be assured of is that your trolling motor is backed up with enough battery power. As a result, the more battery storage you have in your fishing boat, the longer your trip will last. Also, the trolling motor should be energy-efficient so that you can spend more time in the sea or lakes with minimal energy consumption.

Thrust Power

The power to move your boat in any water condition should be the second feature of your trolling motor. If you go fishing in the ocean, the water current will be very aggressive, and you will need more thrust power to fight against the wave and water current. Besides, the thrust power of your trolling motor will also depend on the weight of your boat, which means if you are using a big boat, you must ensure more thrust to turn the propeller. Therefore, always choose a trolling motor that has enough power to facilitate your boat on the water.

Standard Features

Now you should buy a trolling motor with standard features like easy installation, GPS compatibility, SAR scanning, and an automated guiding system. If you are trying to purchase small trolling motors that will only move your kayak or skiff, then high-end technology may not be mandatory. However, if you want to buy a trolling motor to power your boat in saltwater, you should always go for high-tech trolling motors like the Minn Kota or Garmin Force series. Otherwise, having a high-tech trolling motor will always put you one step ahead in your fishing expedition.

Quite and Silent

You should always keep in mind that your trolling motor must be quiet when in operation so as not to scare the fish you are trying to catch away before you even cast your baits in the water.

Warranty and Customer Service

Having a warranty for your trolling motor is always a good idea, and you should always purchase a motor from a well-known manufacturer whose customer service is very flexible. You may need to use your warranty card just after purchasing your motor, so make sure that you are going to have excellent post-purchase service from the manufacturer.

Final Word

Saltwater trolling motors now feature cutting-edge technology that allows you to explore the sea more efficiently than ever before. The advanced features of the trolling motors are so easy to use that anyone with a little bit of boat-driving skills can easily use those trolling motors during a fishing trip. But selecting the best motor for you is a challenge, but I believe this entire article will help you choose your best saltwater trolling motor, as I have covered almost everything you need to know about the best product available.

Modern saltwater trolling is expensive if you are trying to get one for your big fishing boat. But, if you are trying to get a trolling motor for your skiffs or kayaks, then you can get one for a much lower price. For your kayak or skiff, the Newport Vessels saltwater trolling motor is the best budget trolling motor. On the other hand, based on overall features and performance, the Garmin Force is the best saltwater trolling motor for any large or medium fishing boat.