The Best Shimano Fishing Rod under 50$

Purchasing a fishing rod for around 500 dollars may give you a top-quality product for your fishing trip, and most professionals do so. Still, as a beginner, one may need to be more capable of investing a large amount of their monthly saving only on a fishing rod. I have noticed many novice anglers thrive on reviewing a good quality fishing rod with a minimal budget. After researching for a few days, I have found that Shimano fishing rod are the most convenient and budget-friendly fishing rods available on the market.

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What Should You Expect from SHIMANO FX Spinning Rod?

There are several versions of the Shimano FX series spinning rod, ranging from light to heavy action. After using it for a few years, most experienced anglers discovered that it was a sturdy and balanced fishing rod. The FX model’s versatility makes it the perfect choice for various uses. The FX series fishing rod is a trustworthy choice for bass fishing or trout fishing, according to many experienced fishermen.

The Features that You should have a Look on FX  Series Rod?

The lightweight design of the FX spinning rods maximizes user comfort while fishing. Most anglers who used this rod found that the combination of fibers made the rod more durable for casting and dragging with rapid movements. Additionally, the ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) gives the rod handle some stability and offers superb comfort while you are fishing. The 5-foot rod should be used if you are accustomed using lightweight rods, but keep in mind that they are only appropriate for intermediate freshwater fishing.

Flexibility You will Get from FX Series Spinning Rod

The FX versions come in a variety of sizes, but most users, in their views, prefer 8- and 9-foot rods since they provide them the greatest freedom. There are a few distinct versions in the FX series, and you may select your preferred one based on your needs.

FX Ultra-light Fishing Rod

If you plan to get ultra-light power with a fast-action Shimano fishing rod from the FX series, then the FXS80MHC2 ultra-light 2-piece rod is the best option. You should not expect too much performance as this is manufactured explicitly for light-action fishing. We have noticed that FXS80MHC2 ultra-light models are only suitable for small-scale and lightweight freshwater fishing.

FX Medium Power Fishing Rod

The most attractive thing of SHIMANO fishing rods is that it has developed to fulfil the necessity of all types of anglers and most of the times individuals who have just entered in fishing needs a budget friendly fishing rod. And if you are like one of those novices and prefer fishing in lakes, stream, or river then you can rely on fast action and medium power fishing spinning rods without having to much trouble. You have the option to choose from the model FXS56MC2, FXS60MC2, FXS66MC2, or FXS70MC2 which are medium power and fast action spinning rod with a high-end performance.

FX Medium Heavy Power Fishing Rod

The FXS80MHC2 is a lightweight saltwater fishing rod released in two distinct variants by the Shimano FX series. If you are one of them trying to step up in the saltwater fishing, then I hope your first attempt at saltwater fishing will go well with this medium-heavy-power, fast-action spinning rod.

Shimano FX spinning Fishing Rod Anatomy

Easy to use

All the FX series fishing rod models can be easily folded into two parts, allowing you to carry the rod without too much hassle.

Comfortable Foregrip

Shimano made a 2.8-foot EVA-wrapped foregrip that is attached to the reel holder so that the hand can be placed in the most comfortable way.

Guiding System

To protect the line from external damage, the FXS80MHC2 fishing rod contains a Stellate guiding system with a stable front tip for smooth line dragging.

Fishing Line Capacity

The recommended fishing line for the FXS80MHC2 fishing rod is 12 to 25 pounds and idled for catching light weight saltwater game fish.

Recommended Lure weight

You can easily cast a 0.5-to-4-ounce crankbait far enough into the water with the eight and nine-foot FXS80MHC2 spinning rod.

Buying Guide

Shimano FX fishing rods are adaptable and suitable for light saltwater and freshwater fishing. Compared to other fishing pools within this price range, the rod’s ability to absorb punishment is outstanding.

The overall features of the FX rods are almost top quality, and you will find a well-performing and balanced fishing rod and reel combo if you combine the rod with a lightweight spinning reel like a Sedona-2500 or Sedona-4000 spinning reel. The range of the Sedona 2500 and 4000 is under 100 dollars, and by combining FX and Sedona, you will spend around 100 to 120 dollars for your fishing rod and reel combo. You should choose a 7- or 8-foot FX rod for flexible usage, but some individuals found the 9-foot rod more convenient for long casting. Also, if you are planning to get a Shimano fishing rod for your kid, we recommend picking the ultra-light power 5-foot, which will allow them to keep stable control over the fish.

Using the Sedona-2500 for your FX rod is not mandatory, but we found it convenient and reasonable to use a Shimano spinning reel with the FX series rod. Besides, if you are on a budget to purchase a Shimano spinning reel, we recommend you go for a medium-budget spinning reel like the Okuma ALS-20 or even the Daiwa SF2500-B-CP.

SHIMANO Sedona 4000 Spinning Reel
SHIMANO Sedona 2500 Spinning Reel

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use Shimano FX rod in Saltwater fishing?

Well, the answer is yes. But it depends on what types of fish you are targeting. Furthermore, according to our research, FX medium-heavy power and fast-action spinning rods are used for lightweight saltwater fishing but are not recommended for heavy-weight game fishing. We always recommend bringing a specialized fishing rod and reel combo for saltwater fishing, as you may end up breaking your rod if you hook up with a heavy-weight game fish like tuna.

If I want to cast from bank and targeting catfish then which FX model is good for me?

If you are targeting catfish, a Shimano FX Medium Heavy Power Fast 7- or 8-foot rod is suitable for the best performance. Medium capacity is also capable but not recommended as you target the catfish.

Final Words

There are various affordable fishing rods made by SHIMANO for intermediate to expert anglers. One of the most popular fishing rods that anglers can rely on without question is the FX series. Shimano fishing rods are the greatest option compared to other fishing rods on the market if you are new to fishing. We suggest the SHIMANO fishing rod because we have observed that inexperienced anglers find the rods suitable while numerous experienced anglers use SHIMANO fishing rods with discomfort during their regular fishing trips.

Based on our research into the market and our experience with FX fishing rods, we can tell you that if you want to catch bass or trout, you always need a lightweight fishing rod that is compatible with fast action, and the FX FXS80MHC2 is the exact spinning rod you can find to meet the requirements for a minimal cost. If you pair a medium-quality spinning reel with one of the Shimano FX fishing rods, you can create a well-balanced fishing rod and reel combo. To do this, we advise selecting a medium-range spinning reel. The medium-heavy Power FX model can readily withstand the punishment of a medium-sized game fish securely.